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Description of CryptoTool

One handy app for cryptography, hashing and generating passwords. Encrypt, decrypt and break encrypted messages. Generate hash for any file or text you provide for its validation and authentication. Generate pronounceable passwords or even stronger passwords combining upper-case characters, lower-case characters, symbols and numbers. Fast, free and easy to use.

Classical Cipher Tool


- Encrypt Message-

Use any of the sample messages or type your own message and encrypt it with Caesar or Vigenère schemas.

The first schema is a simple character shift. The second one, Vigenère, is more complex since each letter can be encrypted in more than one way.

Each encryption scheme links to relevant information about how the encryption works, its history and how to use statistical analysis to break encryptions!

- Decrypt Message-

Send your messages to your friends or family and challenge them to decrypt your secret message. Or quickly solve cryptography puzzles. In case you are stuck, you can always break the cipher!

- Break Encrypted Message -

Once you have broken the encrypted message you can view bar chart graphics of the decryption process.

Save encrypted or decrypted messages and open them later. You can also view, sort, delete and update all your saved messages.

Get started with deciphering this secret message:

"Tszsr lvs dcpaz qm haj lrr rckntkaai cj mlyy gwwrgd hhvrv isnlpr ivssp hhb sfiax znyn pc ntrhg. Xb xhptr tgoc vtdibcg xhpj ooiomn rwizegis zq egtfriej, aas hlrtwl, vc kektyg, gd tmno ehni hlej sait piey fpbc hle gprtt cj tsp getox spnrri. Wr syltpwsw, tspy ytovn dzmrivmnr zf gws aidooz lvmcs ts bu usoo, lnq bcve zq tut airp vnblzidrp wuxql id zf rkwp "

Hash Generator


A hash is a unique signature for a text or a file. Validate and authenticate a text or a file by generating its hash.

- Generate Hash of File -

Browse for any file stored on your device or its SD card to generate its hash.

File hashing supports SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 and MD5 algorithms.

Fast file hashing and no file size limit!

- Generate Hash of Text -

Type a new message to generate its hash.

Text hashing supports SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, MD5, RC4, Blowfish and AES algorithms.

Quickly copy the hashing result to the clipboard.

Password Generator


- Generate Strong Password -

Generate strong passwords to protect your personal information online. Choose to include any combination of upper-case and lower-case letters, digits or symbols. Or simply use all to increase your security.

- Generate Pronounceable Password -

Use predefined sequences of consonants and vowels to create pronounceable passwords, or create a custom sequence and create several pronounceable passwords.

Easily copy the passwords for use in other applications.


- In order to break encryption statistical analysis, techniques are used such a Frequency Analysis, Index of Coincidence, Chi Squared etc. Therefore, the longest the text is, the better the algorithms will perform.

- RC4, Blowfish and AES algorithms currently use a randomized initialization vector.

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